Welcome to the Best Home Town in the Air Force…

…and welcome to the Maxwell-Gunter Enlisted Spouses Club Website.

The Maxwell-Gunter Enlisted Spouses Club (MGESC) is a wonderful group to be involved in as a military spouse.  We offer immeasurable support to the entire Military Community and it’s members and we provide a positive social atmosphere for spouses, thus becoming an important part of the “Extended Military Family”.

We offer our members opportunities to give back to the Military Community by volunteering in many different positions at the MGESC and activities.  Members can also benefit from entertaining socials, which provide a chance to meet fellow Enlisted Spouses, involvement in the community, activities, socialization, relaxation and much more.

Whatever the project may be you can be sure you will find laughter and excitement at the MGESC. A place for spouses to come and talk about what they are going through with people who understand their situation. Therefore, you can be sure that here at the MGESC you will find someone with whom you share things in common or to share new interests with.